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Type less, get more done.

Think out loud, and let AI take the notes.

Your Thoughts…but Better

Talk and Take Photos

It’s really that simple. Summarize the long-winded talk into short, organized bullet points. Just think out loud while you’re taking pictures, and AI Note will format everything automatically.


Caption Photos Automatically

Tired of typing descriptions for every photo? With Quick Caption, just talk and boom—captions appear! It's like having a personal assistant in your phone, making your life easier one caption at a time.


Communicate with Confidence

You know your stuff. AI cuts out all the um, uhs, hems, and haws that make it sound like you don’t. Add concise notes and descriptions to your work for better communication than ever before.


Go Hands-Free

With Quick Caption and AI Note, you can describe what you see without typing. Being hands-free on the job site is easier and safer! No more typing also means fewer typos, and nobody will miss those.


How It Works

So easy the newbie can do it. Just follow these steps!

AI Note
1. Open the Pages Tab

Navigate to your project and click on the “Pages” tab.

2. Create Your AI Note

From your project's “Pages” tab, click the new page plus sign, and select “AI Note.” Then just start talking and snapping photos!

Quick Caption
1. Turn on Quick Caption

Open the camera, and tap the three bars icon to the right of the Lens Toggle to turn on Quick Caption.

2. Start Snapping

Take a photo and start describing what you’re capturing. Make any edits and save!

What Else Can I Do?

Explore more CompanyCam features.

Clarify the details and provide more context or instructions by adding text, annotations, and drawings directly to your photos.
Tags & Labels
Create and apply tags to photos to categorize them within and across your projects, and add labels to your projects to use later as search filters.
Galleries & Timelines
Easily share job site photos with insurance adjusters, customers, and stakeholders. Select the specific photos you want to share, or send a live link to show real-time progress!

See Our Features in Action

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