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More of a visual learner?

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What am I looking at here?

Point with arrows, draw shapes, circle details, and add text to any photo—whatever it takes to get your point across.

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Spell (And Draw) It Out

Don’t Separate Fact from Photo

Why dig for crucial details when you could access them right on the photo in question? Add helpful info like measurements, instructions, and reminders.


Make Problems Impossible to Ignore

Annotations give you the freedom to be as annoying as you want. Circle the issue, circle it again, draw a frowny face, add a few arrows, maybe some text that says FIX THIS? Go for it.


Get Your Name to Stick

Upload your company’s logo and use it as a sticker on photos to make sure you always get credit where credit is due. Logo stickers are available to CompanyCam Premium users.


Always Be Editing

Turn on edit mode in your settings to automatically bring up annotation tools after every photo you capture. Add context and important details to photos before they can even be missed.


How It Works

So easy the newbie can do it. Just follow these steps!

1. Select a Photo

Open CompanyCam, and select the photo you want to annotate.

2. Open the Editor

Tap the curved line icon at the bottom of the screen to see all the tools available.

3. Annotate Away

Select the tool you want to use, and express yourself with shapes, text, and more. Don’t forget to save your changes!

4. Turn on Edit Mode

This is a bonus step for annotation lovers! Go to camera settings in your CompanyCam preferences to turn on Edit Mode so that the tools appear after each photo.

Everyone Loves Annotations!

“I like the markup functions when we're sending stuff to a crew, understanding, hey I want this turtle vent plugged and I want to do this over here. Or being able to say, hey, I need to add a downspout right here and draw right on the photo.”

Marcus Kuhlmann

COO, Apple Roofing

"The feature I use the most is probably editing mode where I can write stuff on there, document circle, detail, what the homeowners kind of point out and really like highlight the problem areas, the problems we fixed."

Chuck Fistek

American Home Contractors

What Else Can I Do?

Explore more CompanyCam features.

Photo & Video Capture
Document every detail of the job site with unlimited storage! Every photo and video taken in CompanyCam is time-stamped, saved by location, and visible to the whole team.
Tags & Labels
Create and apply tags to photos to categorize them within and across your projects, and add labels to your projects to use later as search filters.
Galleries & Timelines
Easily share job site photos with insurance adjusters, customers, and stakeholders. Select the specific photos you want to share, or send a live link to show real-time progress!

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