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We created CompanyCam by accident.

Well, not really, but it did become a tangible product for other people to use by happy accident. 

Way back in the day, circa 2014, our fearless leader Luke Hansen was working for his family’s roofing business managing roofing, siding, and gutter crews. Luke was struggling to get his crews to capture and send him the documentation he needed for each site. He searched high and low to find an app or software that did what he wanted, but came up empty.

That’s when Luke said f*ck it and decided he would just make it himself — and by make it himself, we mean he hired someone to do it. 

Luke spent some time with a local development shop nailing down the specifics of what he wanted for his family’s business and in no time, the first version of CompanyCam was born. 

When Luke saw the potential reach that CompanyCam might have with contracting companies everywhere, he decided to strike out on his own and try to make something of CompanyCam. 

Things progressed quickly, and Luke brought on Chad Wilken, CompanyCam’s CTO, to make the app shiny and run smoothly. 

As the app has grown, so has the CompanyCam team

Luke brought on more developers, sales pros, and marketers to round out the business that had become CompanyCam – and hasn’t stopped growing the business since. 

Now, in 2021, CompanyCam is the real deal. A fully formed business that integrates with other industry leading software, employs nearly 100 full time team members, and is consistently improving to offer customers a better, more productive experience. 

And we’re not done yet. 

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