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Tags & Labels

Time to break up with folders.

Create and apply custom tags and labels to automatically organize your photos as you take them. The solution you deserve is waiting for you.

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Your Search Is Over

Ditch the Detective Work

Quickly find any photo from any project on any device. No more scrolling through your camera roll or worse—trying to find photos in a confusing and outdated folder system.


Become a Photo Librarian

Build custom catalogs for prospective customers, showcasing categories like specific materials, room types, sustainability practices, project type, project size, budget, etc.


Organize Like Never Before

We made applying one or many tags to photos as quick and painless as possible. It only takes a second in the moment to save yourself hours down the road.


Stay in the Driver’s Seat

Creating, editing, deleting, and managing tags requires Admin or Manager permissions in CompanyCam. You won’t lose control of tags or end up with a million unhelpful ones.


How It Works

So easy the newbie can do it. Just follow these steps!

1. Create a Project

Create a project for the job you’ll be working on.

2. Add a Label

Apply a label for the type of job, materials you’ll be using, or job status.

3. Take a Photo

Add photos to your project to keep track of everything happening on site.

4. Add a Tag

Tag photos with types of materials used, pre-existing damage, and more.

Everyone Loves It!

"We started implementing adding tags so we can see what stage they're in. If I need to know who the estimator is I can search and see the project with the tag and ask the estimator about the materials or where he got his quotes from."

Pablo Soto

Denver Commercial Property Services

"With CompanyCam, you can tag your pictures. So if I'm looking for ideas for colored pots, I can go in there and find that tag and boom, they all show up right there. You can't do that on your phone. You have to sit there and scroll."

Kacy Ramsey

Bonick Landscaping

What Else Can I Do?

Explore more CompanyCam features.

Galleries & Timelines
Easily share job site photos with insurance adjusters, customers, and stakeholders. Select the specific photos you want to share, or send a live link to show real-time progress!
Clarify the details and provide more context or instructions by adding text, annotations, and drawings directly to your photos.
In-App Communication
Discuss everything in one place. Provide more details about a photo or project by leaving a comment or @mentioning crew members and collaborators.

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