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Yep, we integrate with JobTread.

We're Big JobTread Fans

JobTread provides end-to-end construction management software to help jobs-based businesses more efficiently manage all of their processes, from pre-construction through to project completion. The platform creates a central location to manage jobs, teams, schedules, documents, photos, finances, customers, vendors, sub-contractors, and more all in one place. Its budget-first approach creates financial transparency at every stage of a project, mitigating risk and ensuring the project stays on time and on budget. Get organized, complete your projects on time, and increase your profits with JobTread.

CompanyCam + JobTread

Whenever you create a job in JobTread, a corresponding project will be automatically generated in CompanyCam. The project will include primary contacts, locations, and coordinates associated with the job. As long as you have matching file tags in both systems, any tags you attach to files in CompanyCam will also be attached to the files when copied to JobTread. Finally, whenever a file is edited in CompanyCam, the file will be updated in JobTread. This includes any markup on photos or name and description changes on non-photo/video documents.

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What Actually Integrates?

File Created
Photo Uploaded
Updates Photo on JobTread
Photo Markup
File Created
Video Uploaded
File Created
Document Uploaded
Create Job
Creates Project
Primary Contacts
Primary Contacts
Job Location
Project Location
Job Coordinates
Project Coordinates

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