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Before & After Photos

Let your work speak for itself. Show off your hard work with ease using our Before & After feature. Your amazing work deserves recognition.


Beautiful before-and-afters

Location, location, location! Thanks to well-organized, location-tagged and time-stamped photos, you can show every client:

  • What the job site looked like when you arrived

  • How it looks now

  • Anything unexpected that came up

  • That you haven’t damaged anything (your lawyers thank you in advance)

Just select the photos you’d like to share with your customers, and CompanyCam will send them a link.

Plus, it’s an easy way to review the day’s jobs and see which of your employees are consistently doing great work, and which might need guidance.

Before After Deck Pic


Tons of pre-designed layouts.

Not a marketer? Not a problem. Once you’ve taken your after’ photo, both the before’ and after’ will be automatically formatted into tons of beautiful layouts for you to choose from. You can even include your company’s logo for easy marketing.

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