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Simple Features with Powerful Results

Document progress, keep crews on the same page, and protect yourself from liabilities—all with CompanyCam’s most popular features.

Photo and Video Capture

Document without Limits

Unlimited cloud storage means you can capture every aspect of your work—without worrying about a full camera roll. With all that documentation, your butt is always covered.

Gain Shared Understanding

Every photo taken in CompanyCam is instantly time-stamped, saved by location, and visible to the whole team. Now it's not just a photo—it's a tool to get everyone on the same page.

  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Time and location stamped photos


Show and Tell

Clarify the details and provide more context or instructions by adding text, annotations, and drawings directly to photos.

  • Add detail directly to photos
  • Measurements, drawings, and more

Galleries and Timelines

Share Projects from Start to Finish

Easily share live progress updates with a Project Timeline. With a shared link, clients and subcontractors can access a photo feed that updates in real time.

Only Share What You Want

Create a curated view of a project with a gallery. Select relevant photos to share with just a click—all the info is automatically attached.

  • Share a collection of project photos
  • Live photo updates
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Project Feed

Get Real-Time Updates

No more bugging your crews for job updates. Just open CompanyCam to scroll through all the most recent progress photos.

  • Instantly updated feed
  • At-a-glance progress updates

In-App Communication

Keep Crews on the Same Page

Discuss everything in one place. Provide more details about a photo or project by leaving a comment or @mentioning crew members and collaborators.

  • @mention crew memebers
  • Keep communication centralized

Tags and Labels

Never Lose a Photo

Create and apply multiple tags to photos to categorize them within and across your projects. Finding that one photo you need has never been easier.

Instantly Find What You Need

Add labels to projects to use later as search filters. Create categories like project status, room type, sales lead source, and more.

  • Share a collection of project photos
  • Live photo updates
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Add to Your Tech Stack

With 50+ direct integrations, we're pretty sure we've got what you need. And if we don't, Zapier and our Chrome Extension offer limitless possibilities to automate every part of your workflow.

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