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In-App Communication

Talk job sites to me.

Discuss project details, add comments, and even @mention the people you want to talk to—all in the context of your photos.

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No More Playing Telephone

Drive Less, Save More

Managing multiple jobs can result in lots of commuting between projects. Instead, track and discuss progress within project photos, without being on site.


Put Your Heads Together

Discussing an issue and solving the problem is easier when everyone is looking at the same thing. Comments on photos and videos make it easy to brainstorm solutions as a team.


Keep the Balls Rolling

Having info scattered across phone calls, emails, and texts slows everything down. Keep projects moving—even in the face of unexpected issues—with everything in one place.


Get Pinged When You’re Needed

Just @mention other users in comments or team chat to get their attention! Easily direct messages and make sure the right people get the right updates.


How It Works

So easy the newbie can do it. Just follow these steps!

1. Create a Project

Create a project in CompanyCam for each job.

2. Take Photos and Videos

Make sure field crews are capturing every detail on site.

3. Add Comments

Hop into the comments on photos and videos to ask questions, problem solve, or add context.

4. @Mention Someone

Tag other users for instant visibility.

Everyone Loves It!

"It has improved our communication within the company and our crews so much. I can be sitting at my computer doing a proposal and have another screen open with CompanyCam. When I see photos roll in, I can see a detail that is being missed and I can circle it and tag them and they receive a message saying whatever I'm asking them to do."

Travis Dunn

Waterproofing & Coatings - Division Manager, Denver Commercial Property Services

"CompanyCam has facilitated communication across the whole company, from different stakeholders, from my role, to production, to upper management, to boots on the ground. I think it's made that process a lot more seamless. It's all in one place. You don't have to go through multiple places to find what you need."

Justin Martindale

Branch Manager, Apple Roofing

What Else Can I Do?

Explore more CompanyCam features.

Clarify the details and provide more context or instructions by adding text, annotations, and drawings directly to your photos.
Tags & Labels
Create and apply tags to photos to categorize them within and across your projects, and add labels to your projects to use later as search filters.
Galleries & Timelines
Easily share job site photos with insurance adjusters, customers, and stakeholders. Select the specific photos you want to share, or send a live link to show real-time progress!

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