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Photo & Video Capture

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Document every detail of the job site with unlimited cloud storage.

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Start Snapping—And Never Stop

Take a Load Off (Your Camera Roll)

CompanyCam has unlimited cloud storage for your work photos and videos. The days of choosing between an extra pic of the cracked driveway and a pic of your dog are OVER.


See Eye to Eye with Everyone

With all your documentation saved in one place and visible to the whole team on all their devices, miscommunicating is a lot harder. Which makes your job a whole lot easier.


Get More Organized with Less Effort

Every photo taken in CompanyCam is automatically time-stamped and saved by location. No more texting photos, complicated folder systems, or digging around for that photo you know you took.


Cover Your Biggest Assets

Like your time and money. Liabilities are a real threat to businesses in the contracting industry, and the path to protecting yourself against them is through visual evidence.


How It Works

So easy the newbie can do it. Just follow these steps!

1. Create a Project

Sign in to CompanyCam, and create a new project by choosing your current location or typing one in. Name your project, and tap “Create!” You’re on your way!

2. Assign Users

Assign who can see and take photos in your new project! Add a user or a group to your project to get the right eyes looking at the right things.

3. Take a Photo

Photos are a quick and easy way to capture what’s happening at your job sites. Snap one (or 100) at the site, or upload photos from your device. Either way, they’ll be instantly available to the team.

4. Record a Video

Some situations require more context than a photo—that’s where video comes in. Record up to 5 minutes on CompanyCam Pro or up to 10 minutes on CompanyCam Premium! Compare plans to pick the right one for your business.

Everyone Loves It!

“It’s a fantastic and completely necessary tool for our company, especially with the amount of projects we do. We love that the images are uploaded in real time.”

Cameron Shouppe

Owner, Reliant Roofing

“It allows us to document our jobs through the entire process and everyone to access the photos and documents in real time to increase productivity”

Mike Pavelka

Mapco Exteriors

What Else Can I Do?

Study up on how to get the most out of annotations.

Clarify the details and provide more context or instructions by adding text, annotations, and drawings directly to your photos.
Tags & Labels
Create and apply tags to photos to categorize them within and across your projects, and add labels to your projects to use later as search filters.
Galleries & Timelines
Easily share job site photos with insurance adjusters, customers, and stakeholders. Select the specific photos you want to share, or send a live link to show real-time progress!

See Our Features in Action

We know better than anyone that seeing is believing.