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Less time setting projects up, more time getting work done.

Get all the information to your team in a snap with Project Templates. Preload new projects with everything your crews need to hit the ground running.

Get your crews started sooner. 

Use Project Templates to preload new projects with all the necessary information to help your crews get up to speed before they arrive on site. Select which Checklists and Reports need to be completed for the job, assign users, and get the ball rolling — all in one fell swoop.

Cut down on missed steps. 

Streamlining your process is the best way to avoid mistakes. When you give your crews all the important information upfront, you can rest easy knowing that the folks in the field are capturing and completing exactly what they need to.

Manage remote worksites from anywhere. 

It’s no secret that remote worksites are becoming more and more common, and with CompanyCam and Project Templates, you can lay out exactly what needs to be done and monitor progress from anywhere. You’ll make fewer trips to the job site, and gain more trust in your crews.

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