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Put together detailed, info-rich bids in minutes with CompanyCam.

It’s competitive out there. For every estimate you work up, your lead probably has at least two or three more on their desk. You know your company is the best one for the job, so how do you set yourself apart?

Implement these CompanyCam features into your sales process to build better bids in a shorter time frame and make the handoff to your team smooth like butter (s/o to the BTS fans reading this).

Say that five times fast to warm yourself up to talk with your customer.

Once you pull up to the property, put your vehicle in park and open up the CompanyCam app.

If your office manager has already created a project for this property, you’re ready to get to work. If they haven’t, you’ll need to create a new project (which only takes a minute).

Open the project, select the camera icon at the bottom of the screen, and begin capturing the photos you need. Every photo you take will be stored in the bottom left corner of the screen. Once you’ve taken enough photos, tap the numbered box in the bottom left to check out your work.

When you select a photo, edit mode will open. If you’ve used Snapchat, this will be a breeze. The most used annotations are the straight-line tool (used to show measurement), the arrow tool (point out specific damage or point of interest), and the text tool (add in more information).


Now you can put your detailed photos into a report that you can send off to your lead in as little as five minutes!

Use other software to create bids? CoCam integrates with the leading construction management and CRM software tools so that the photos you capture fit seamlessly in your existing process.

TIP: If you want to annotate photos as you go, tap the ⚙️ when the camera is open and turn on edit mode.

We all love a good show-and-tell. But when there’s more tell than show, it can start to feel a little salesy. Luckily, CoCam has your visuals covered with these three features:

Labels are a powerful way to sort your CompanyCam projects to find specific information or show project status. We suggest creating labels for the stages of your project so that you can let your teammates know where you're at and when it's time for them to step in to get to work.


In addition to moving projects from bid to production, you can label specific projects that you don't win so that you can keep the photos and customer info handy should they want to work with you in the future.

Tags are a great way to show your customer multiple examples of what their end project could look like. These are added at the photo level.

If your customer says, “I want to see what the pewter shingles look like IRL,” you can quickly pull up photos of each time you used those color shingles.

Swatches are great, but showing your lead what products look like in the real world will go a long way. Plus, the time you spend cataloging photos with tags, the bigger head start you’ll have when creating showcases!


Showcases change the game when it comes to highlighting your recent work on your website. Once you add a little bit of code to your site, you’re ready to start building your first showcase.

Because you already made great use of your labels, people visiting your website will be able to search your projects by location, products used, and more. And because you’re documenting your work throughout, potential customers will get a feel for what it’s like to work with you.

We’re probably thinking, “Wow, get a load of this app!”

But think about it: Customers are trying to decide who they trust the most to work on their home or business. One of the quickest ways to build trust is to show them they’ll be able to see every step of the process.

Plus, it’s simple for you to do from the app or a browser:

  1. Open a project

  2. Select Share (desktop) or ••• (mobile)

  3. Choose Share Project Timeline

  4. Send the link via email or text

That’s it! All photos and videos that your crew uploads throughout the project will automatically show up at that link for your customer to view whenever they want.

You closed the deal. Now it’s time to make sure your team is set up for success by communicating everything they need to know about the job before they arrive on site.

In addition to the annotations you already put on the photos, you can add descriptions and comments on individual photos to add even more context. And if anyone has questions, you can comment directly on photos and @mention people that need to know, keeping breakdowns to a minimum.

Now you know all the CompanyCam secrets to build better bids in less time and make handoffs headache-free.

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